Starfield Playthrough Part 3 First Fight First Flight #starfield #keymailer

In part 3 of the Starfield playthrough, the protagonist and their crew celebrate a successful mission, discuss the artifact’s worth, and head to the esteemed Constellation organization. They board a Constellation ship, engage in combat exercises, defeat enemy ships from the Crimson Fleet, and prepare to explore Creed, a moon known for pirate activities, as they unravel the mystery of the artifact.

In part 3 of the Star Citizen playthrough, the protagonist and the crew celebrate their successful mission to retrieve a valuable artifact. They discuss the artifact’s worth and the client’s arrival to secure it. The crew then heads to Constellation, an esteemed organization in the galaxy. They encounter a Constellation contact who is skeptical of their abilities but admires their reputation. They discuss the significance of their mission and the mystery surrounding the artifact.

The crew, including the protagonist, board the Constellation ship and embark on a new adventure. They discuss the artifact and the visions that the protagonist experienced. Constellation needs the artifact and recruits the protagonist to help uncover its secrets. They also mention the Crimson Fleet, a group of pirates who are now targeting them due to the artifact. Barrett, a crewmember, suggests the protagonist take their place in Constellation while they stay behind for protection.

The crew bids farewell to Dusty, who is sent to a safe location. Barrett believes that the protagonist is an integral part of unraveling the mystery surrounding the artifact and convinces them to join Constellation. The protagonist is given control of a ship and begins to familiarize themselves with the controls. They learn how to fly the ship, engage the shields, and use weapons effectively.

During a combat exercise, the protagonist tests their skills by destroying enemy ships. They collect salvage from defeated ships and continue their mission. More enemy ships, belonging to the Crimson Fleet, appear and engage in a battle with the protagonist. After successfully defeating them, the crew decides to head to Creed, a moon known for pirate activities. They set their course and prepare for their next adventure in the vastness of space.

Overall, this part of the playthrough focuses on the protagonist’s journey as they join Constellation, navigate their new ship, and continue their mission to uncover the secrets of the artifact while fending off the Crimson Fleet.