The speaker passionately describes Starfield as a “miracle” and emphasizes that they will provide all the necessary information about the game. They insist that even if someone has been living in isolation and has no knowledge of the game, they will be enlightened about it. The speaker relates a childhood memory of seeing a duck miraculously crossing a busy highway to exemplify their understanding of miracles. They assert that Starfield is a remarkable game and proceed to explain why everyone should purchase it.

They address potential objections, such as not having an Xbox or enough money to buy the game. The speaker suggests selling a PS5 or saving money to acquire an Xbox, but also mentions the availability of used consoles. They share a personal experience of having to buy a PS5 to play Demon’s Souls despite initially having no money, emphasizing that others should not go through the same process to play Starfield.

The speaker then shifts the focus to the game itself and proclaims it to be a space explorer’s dream. They compare the feeling of discovering an unopened tub of Cherry Garcia ice cream in the freezer to the excitement of playing Starfield. They praise the game’s visuals and the sense of exploring alien worlds, even acknowledging that there may be occasional crashes or bugs. They urge players to persevere through these setbacks by reminding themselves of the duck’s unlikely survival while crossing the highway.

In a humorous aside, the speaker questions the whereabouts of the duck’s parents and speculates that they would have met a tragic fate if they were present during its crossing. They conclude by reiterating that despite other space exploration games in the market, Starfield stands out as a miraculous experience. They advise readers to acquire multiple space games, including Starfield, and suggest finding employment to fund their gaming endeavors.