Starfield as a Space Game - My GENUINE First Impressions

“After some hours hands on with Starfield, can it be considered a good space game? The answer is yes, although there are a few restrictions that some people might find disappointing. In future Starfield videos I will talk about other aspect”

The author shares their initial impressions of Starfield as a space game after playing it for about six hours. They clarify that while Starfield is not a full-on space simulator, it is still a space game with some restrictions. They discuss the flight model of the spaceships, which is not fully simulated but requires skill and practice. The ship can be controlled using mouse and keyboard, with options for power management and basic Newtonian flight. While there are limitations, the author finds the flight model to be enjoyable and challenging.

Next, they delve into the different areas of space and planetary surfaces in Starfield. Space itself is limited to a large cell, restricting the player’s ship movement to a few hundred meters per second. However, within this area, random encounters can occur, such as pirate chases, disabled ships, or loot opportunities. The author hasn’t tested flying in a straight line for long durations, but mentions the ability to scan and interact with objects in space. Planetary surfaces offer varied landscapes, including debris fields, outposts, bases, and cave systems. Players can explore, scan flora and fauna, and collect loot. While there are loading screens when transitioning between areas, the author finds the planetary exploration aspect highly enjoyable.

Finally, the author ranks the aspects of the game in order of preference: space, flight model, and planetary exploration. They mention that space feels somewhat restrictive and would prefer larger areas for more freeform flying. However, they still appreciate being able to explore the loaded area. The flight model, while not a full simulation, offers a mix of casual play and advanced techniques for enthusiasts. The top spot goes to the planetary exploration, which the author finds to be a wonderful experience. They appreciate the open and expansive feel of the planets, and highlight the unexpected encounters and graphics that, while not on par with other AAA games, are an improvement for Bethesda. Overall, the author sees Starfield as a special space game and a return to Bethesda’s classic style.