Starfield - All You Need to Know about TERRORMORPHS #starfield

This video discusses the formidable enemy known as Terramorphs in the game Starfield. Players encounter these Alpha Predators while joining the United Colonies Vanguard, and the speaker describes their tough nature, vulnerability to explosives and corrosion, and the influence of pheromones on weak-minded characters.

In this video, the speaker discusses a formidable enemy called the Terramorphs that players will encounter in the game Starfield. These creatures are known as Alpha Predators and are encountered when joining the United Colonial Vanguard early on in the game. The speaker mentions that these beasts are not commonly encountered during mundane activities like deliveries or transportation tasks. However, when joining the UC Vanguard, players will quickly learn about them through a life-size model in the game’s museum.

The speaker shares their personal experience of encountering a Terramorph during their first mission for the UC Vanguard. They describe these creatures as incredibly tough, taking over five minutes of constant fire to defeat. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being close to the Terramorphs, as their ability to burrow makes long or mid-range weapons ineffective. They also note that the creatures are vulnerable to explosions and corrosion, recommending the use of grenades or corrosive projectiles.

The speaker mentions that not all Terramorphs are the same, with variations such as albino Terramorphs or stronger ones of different levels. Some Terramorphs use pheromones to influence beings to fight on their behalf, creating an interesting experience in the game. The speaker advises against bringing weak-minded characters during missions involving Terramorphs, as they can be influenced by these pheromones and turn against the player.

The origins of Terramorphs are somewhat mysterious in the game. According to in-game scientists, they appear on planets settled for several generations and have been increasingly attacking. However, they were not previously encountered on recently colonized planets until an attack on Tau City. The speaker also highlights that the United Colonies experimented with using Terramorphs as weapons during the colony wars, which ultimately failed and caused resentment from other factions.

The speaker concludes by asking for the audience’s thoughts on fighting Terramorphs and whether they enjoyed the experience or not. They mention that some players may not appreciate the concept of humans turning into zombies when influenced by Terramorph pheromones. The video ends with the speaker acknowledging supporters on Patreon and expressing their intention to create more Starfield content based on the audience’s interest.