Star Wars Outlaws - Almost Seamless (Exclusive Gameplay Footage)

The video showcases exclusive gameplay footage of the upcoming game “Star Wars Outlaws” by Ubisoft, offering an almost seamless open-world experience set between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Players follow the scoundrel Kaves and their companions in a game that combines linear story missions with expansive open-world exploration, featuring fluid combat, stealth gameplay, space exploration, and choices that impact the narrative.

The video provides an exclusive look at the upcoming game “Star Wars Outlaws” by Ubisoft, showcasing an almost seamless open-world experience. The game follows the story of a scoundrel named Kaves, along with their companions Nyx and ND5, set between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. The gameplay footage reveals a mix of linear story missions with a larger open world to explore, reminiscent of Jedi Fallen Order’s design but on a grander scale. The transitions between planets and space are seamless, with cutscenes smoothly connecting different locations.

The game features five planets or systems to explore, each with multiple landing areas and space locations. The footage showcases the landing zone Mirana City on the planet Tashara, with rich environments, side quests, and NPCs adding to the immersive Star Wars experience. Gameplay mechanics include fluid movement and combat, influenced by Respawn Entertainment’s Jedi Fallen Order, emphasizing stealth gameplay alongside combat. Players can utilize different weapons, loot items, and engage in non-combat activities like hacking and door picking.

“Star Wars Outlaws” also includes space combat and exploration, offering a classic Star Wars arcade-style experience. Players will have crime stats affecting interactions with the Imperial faction, requiring them to clear their wanted rating to avoid capture or death. The game allows for choices that impact the overall story, potentially involving factions like the Imperials or rebels. The story hints at connections to Crimson Dawn, a criminal syndicate led by Darth Maul, suggesting a deeper narrative tying into the wider Star Wars lore.

While the seamless transitions and immersive gameplay elements are promising, the full scale of the open world and the depth of the story are yet to be fully revealed. The video emphasizes the hope for “Star Wars Outlaws” to mark a new era of quality Star Wars gaming experiences, following disappointments with previous titles under EA. The release date for “Star Wars Outlaws” is set for August 30th on Xbox, PS5, PC, and Amazon Luna, with the narrator expressing excitement and optimism for the game’s potential while acknowledging the need for a full review to assess its overall quality.