Star Citizen's Perfectionism - Too Far or Not Enough?

“In this video I offer my perspective as an Architect on CIG’s design process with Star Citizen and explain whether or not I feel it has gone far enough, or is too much.”

In this video, the content creator, Morphologist, discusses his thoughts on the development process of Star Citizen. As an architect, he draws parallels between his own design process and the iterative nature of game development. He explains that design is not a one-time event, but a process that involves multiple iterations and revisions to meet client expectations. However, he wonders if Star Citizen is being too perfectionistic in their approach. He suggests that they could benefit from occasionally releasing unfinished or half-finished content, as it allows for more community input and feedback. He also mentions that this could help alleviate negative press surrounding the game’s bugs and instability. Morphologist emphasizes that his critique comes from a place of love for the game and a desire to see it improve.

Morphologist notes the collaborative nature of design, but acknowledges that he is unsure of the exact dynamics at Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), the developers of Star Citizen. He mentions that despite not knowing the decision-making processes at CIG, he wonders if there may be a need for a better balance between iteration and pushing out new content. He lists the Idris spaceship as an example, suggesting that it could have been released in a half-finished state to provide the community with a glimpse of its potential and to gather feedback.

He raises the point that sometimes working with basic models without too many details can be beneficial, as it allows for more creativity and flexibility in the design process. Morphologist believes that CIG might be too focused on achieving perfection and suggests that having more confidence in the process and trusting the community could lead to positive outcomes. He encourages a less restrictive mindset and suggests that sharing the rougher edges of the game could be helpful in the development and design process.

Morphologist concludes the video by stating his love and support for Star Citizen, and emphasizes that no project or person is perfect. He encourages discussion and constructive criticism from the community, as he believes it can lead to a better game and a stronger community. He also expresses his willingness to explore more candid and emotionally-driven video formats in the future. He invites viewers to join his community and engage with him further on Discord or Twitch. He signs off by expressing his excitement for the future of Star Citizen and his hope for a brighter outcome in these challenging times.