Star Citizen's Next Patch Delayed

“This isn’t a video I wanted to make, but the record needs a bit of adjusting.”

In a video, the content creator admits to making an incorrect assumption about the release date of Star Citizen’s next patch, version 3.23. They had assumed it would follow the game’s quarterly release schedule, but it has been delayed by a whole quarter. The patch is now expected to be released in the beginning of the second quarter of 2024, possibly at the end of April. The content creator acknowledges their mistake and expresses disappointment in the delay, as the game’s development progress has not accelerated as expected. They also note that previous quarterly releases have often been delayed by up to two months.

The content creator discusses the uncertainty surrounding the existing Star Citizen teams and what features can be expected in the coming months. They mention that the replication layer, a precursor to server meshing, has also been delayed, which suggests that server meshing itself will likely be pushed back as well. This indicates that the release of version 4.0, which was hoped to be earlier in the year, may be delayed until the end of the year. The content creator expresses concern about the lack of information regarding version 4.0 and adopts a more pessimistic mindset about the game’s development progress.

Despite the disappointment and delays, the content creator highlights some positive aspects of the upcoming patch. One notable feature is the addition of an item recovery vendor, which allows players to retrieve lost or bound items. This will make using such items more convenient, although it may create an advantage for players who have purchased certain items. The content creator also mentions the introduction of reputation hostility, which is a step towards the planned functionality of the game’s pyro system.

In conclusion, the content creator apologizes for the misinformation in their previous video and reiterates their commitment to providing accurate and informative content. They suggest that the delay may be an opportunity for players to explore other games while waiting for the patch. The content creator expects an earlier release of a public test universe (PTU) patch to allow for testing of features like the replication layer. However, they remain skeptical about meeting the targeted release date of April and express concern about the overall progress of the game’s development.