Star CItizen's New Update is Breathtaking

"Star Citizen’s 3.19 update completely overhauls Lorville, adds impressive volumetric clouds to Arcorp, and introduces new UI elements that should help new players. But it’s still a buggy mess… "

SaltEMike Reacts to Star Citizen’s New Update is Breathtaking | LevelCapGaming

The latest Star Citizen update patch 3.19 is available for wave 1 testers in the PTU environment, bringing significant improvements to the game. It includes a massive rework of the Landing Zone, Lorville, which now looks more incredible than ever. Lorville 2.0 features new buildings, new skyscrapers, and updated atmospherics. Another update is ArcCorp, a giant City Planet that had seen very few updates since its initial release. The update features a volumetric Cloud layer to the entire planet that adds a ton of atmosphere. Salvage gameplay has also seen significant improvements, such as new Salvage missions, weapon and module detaching and attaching mechanics with the tractor beams.

However, there are some minor issues with the update, such as the unpredictability of the new no-fly zone locations in Loreville. The new atmospherics for ArcCorp can also look a little funky at times, and there are still plenty of room for refinements. The initial implementation is hands down a massive upgrade. Salvage gameplay’s new feature of taking components off of ships with the tractor beam is a great addition to the game. Although there is a process to it, you need to go into the ship and unlock ports to remove components. Some people are saying that there are now cargo and derelict ships with cargo bays, and some of it can be sold for quite a bit, adding massively to salvage profits. Spaceship looting is really starting to come online, and rare or high-level ship components are going to be less difficult to acquire.