Star Citizen will NEVER be finished... & THAT'S GOOD!!

"Star Citizen is NOT a scam, NOT an alpha or beta and not a traditional game. It will never have a release date! There is no end game, Morphologis! Stop looking for SINGLEPLAYER game loops in an MMO…

Big shoutout to SaltEMike, Avenger One"

The author argues that Star Citizen should not be labeled as an alpha or expected to be finished because it is not a conventional game. They believe that the game will continue to evolve and improve, and that seeing it as just an alpha means missing out on its potential. They acknowledge that the game currently has bugs and glitches but argue that some of these can enhance gameplay. The author also encourages readers to not be influenced by negative feedback from content creators who may be burnt out from playing the game as their main focus.

They suggest that experiencing Star Citizen in its current state is a unique opportunity to witness new gameplay mechanics and have a say in shaping them. They compare it to the enjoyment they had in DayZ when it was more buggy and new. The author believes that viewing the game from a different perspective and appreciating its potential for pushing the boundaries of gaming is important. They assert that Star Citizen is the last hope for real next-gen gaming and consider it the greatest game of all time.

Overall, the author argues against labeling or expecting Star Citizen to be finished, highlighting the game’s potential for growth and the unique experience it offers in its current state. They encourage readers to see beyond the bugs and glitches and appreciate the game’s innovation and potential for pushing gaming boundaries.