Star Citizen Week in Review - The Information Lockdown Has Begun

This Star Citizen week in review expresses disappointment over the lack of updates and information about the anticipated 3.20 patch, which has left backers unsure of its progress. The review also critiques the recent Inside Star Citizen episode for its vague information and calls for more substantial content to be included during downtime periods.

In this Star Citizen week in review, the lack of information about the highly anticipated 3.20 patch is discussed. The host expresses disappointment that there have been no updates or post-mortem reports for several weeks, leaving backers wondering what is happening. Various potential updates, such as improvements to salvage missions and mining, are mentioned as possible content for the patch. While the host understands the importance of ensuring a solid and stable release, there is also a sense of indifference towards 3.20 due to the presence of other exciting games being released.

The latest episode of Inside Star Citizen (ISC) focused on an audio tool called Claudius, which aims to streamline the sound design process. The host found the information on Claudius to be vague but appreciates the enhancement it brings to in-game sounds. The following segment was a Star Citizen Engineering Live (SEL) episode, featuring Elliot Maltby creating a mission. Though entertaining, this mission is unlikely to be implemented in the game, leading the host to call for more substantial content during these downtime periods.

Lastly, a sneak peek of settlement outposts and a mysterious moon was showcased. The location of the outpost didn’t captivate the host as much as the potential gameplay possibilities and the importance of said locations. The host criticizes the game development approach of building locations first and then trying to create interesting missions around them. The text concludes with a mention of a potential crash handler issue reported by players experiencing frequent game crashes, prompting a discussion on the lack of crash logs and reports.

Overall, the review highlights the frustration with the lack of information about the 3.20 patch, the limited content in the recent ISC and SEL episodes, and the need for more engaging gameplay within the game’s various locations. The host also mentions a possible crash handler issue that players have encountered.