Star Citizen Week in Review - No 3.20 Yet, But Some Intersting Updates

In the Star Citizen Week in Review video, Salty Mike discusses the lack of news on the 3.20 patch but highlights smaller updates mentioned in the monthly report, such as animation improvements and ship art updates. He expresses frustration over the lack of communication from Star Citizen regarding the postmortem and hopes for more substantial updates in the future.

In this Star Citizen Week in Review video, Salty Mike provides updates on the highly anticipated 3.20 patch. While there is little news on the release of the patch, the monthly report hints at several small updates that could enhance the gaming experience. Salty Mike also mentions his Twitch livestreams and expresses frustration over the lack of communication from the Star Citizen company regarding the long-awaited postmortem.

The monthly report highlights various improvements being made, such as animation updates for reloads, takedowns, and idle animations. Ship art updates include the production of the RSI Polaris and an unannounced ship in the final pass. The A1 Spirit is nearing completion, and two new random ship variants are also in the works. Additionally, the report mentions progress on character features, gameplay features, mission features, locations, narratives, and UI development.

Salty Mike discusses a video update titled “Hey Now, It’s Rastar,” where the team showcases the enhancement of underground facilities. They are using a new tool called “Raspo” to revisit existing underground locations and add variety. However, Salty Mike expresses disappointment that only exterior changes were shown, and hopes for more substantial improvements to the interiors. Another video update details the creation of a first aid kit, which he criticizes as filler content in place of significant Star Citizen updates.

Finally, Salty Mike shares a sneak peek image, speculating that it might be related to land claim beacons or a future update at CitizenCon. He also mentions a monthly subscriber promotion, featuring different jackets, including an Origin jacket, a MISC jacket, and a Murray Cup jacket. In conclusion, Salty Mike acknowledges the challenges of creating these videos due to the lack of substantial updates but expresses hope that the 3.20 patch and upcoming CitizenCon will keep players engaged.