Star Citizen: Two New Vehicles and What Everyone Should Check Before Buying Any Ship

“I take a quick look at the RSI Lynx and Tumbril Storm and then talk about the buying step that CIG won’t talk much about but everybody should do first.”

In this video, Danny Raymond, the voice behind Ray’s Guide takes the time to go over the two most recently released vehicles from RSI, the Lynx luxury Rover and the Storm Scout tank.

Danny compares the Storm Scout tank to the Cyclone, both of which have similar pricing but different features. The Storm Scout focuses on tankiness because, unlike the Cyclone, it has both Shields and Armor. However, the Cyclone offers a second or third seat which can be slave to the driver when unoccupied.

Danny stresses the need to look at the Loaner Matrix before making any ship purchase, as it reveals different loaners for different ships, some of which are superior. He further explains that there are three different types of Loaner ships – Concept Loaner, Workaround Loaner and Combat Loaner.

Danny Raymond also mentioned two giveaways; a 10,000 subscriber LTI Hullsey Colossal Cargo Container Canyon Craft and the Annual IXE ship giveaway for the winner’s choice of the Galaxy, Constellation, Massive Module Moving Medical Machine or the Meridian. To enter the giveaways, viewers were encouraged to become members or subscribers and provide some form of comment including the secret word, “Caesar.”