Star Citizen Thinking About 3 Things: Abandoned Outposts, Not-Abandoned Outposts, and the Mirai Fury

“The Inside Star Citizen on Outposts and the Mirai Fury was quite thought provoking. Here are my takes on them.”

The video discusses a number of areas of concern related to Star Citizen. The main concerns raised are:

  1. How to keep derelict outposts and other non-abandoned outposts from becoming artillery practice targets;
  2. The potential effect of manual cargo loading and cargo timers on existing outposts, with particular reference to Tram and Myers or Corp 153
  3. The implications of the Mariah Fury, a new craft in the game, for multiplayer combat gameplay

As regards the derelict outposts and other non-abandoned outposts, the author suggests that in order to keep them from becoming artillery practice targets, some form of automated defences or enhanced sentencing zone might be necessary. Alternatively, the outposts could be redesigned to accommodate manual cargo loading and cargo timers for when the next stage of the cargo system comes on board.

As for the Mariah Fury, the craft appears to be designed to fit in the envelope of an Ursa Rover. This could mean that the craft could significantly transform the character of larger ships, by allowing them to become carriers, with the potential to surprise attackers with a squadron of light fighters. This could have a huge boost on multiplayer combat gameplay.