Star Citizen The Lost Generation 9 - Four Walls

In this part of Star Citizen, T finds herself locked in a holding cell after being caught in a violation. With the help of Janice, she manages to escape the military platform but encounters attackers in space, leading to her ship being destroyed and her being blown out into space.

In this part of the Star Citizen video series, the protagonist, T, finds herself locked in a dreary holding cell on a military platform after being caught in a violation of the Fair Chance Act. Frustrated and anxious, she awaits her fate, knowing that her opportunity to uncover the next piece of the Artemis puzzle is slipping away. A uniformed officer stops by her cell to inform her of the severity of her crimes, but T challenges the accusations, pointing out the military’s aggressive actions towards the native species. She demands access to a com station to contact her lawyer.

After some time, T is led through the rundown corridors of the military platform to a small com station room. She quickly sends a message to Gavin Arlington’s office, requesting a legal advocate. Deliberately brief, T hopes for a prompt response. Back in her cell, T anxiously considers how long it will take for Arlington to reply. Several hours pass, and she even falls asleep wrapped in a thin blanket.

Suddenly, the locks on her cell door unclick, and T cautiously steps out into the corridor. She encounters Janice, the AI from the beacon, who had managed to access the military platform’s systems. Janice offers to assist in freeing her from the platform, even jokingly suggesting venting personnel into space. T, however, advises against such actions and Janice assures her that it was just a jest. With Janice’s guidance, T manages to reach her ship, the beacon too, without being detected.

As T prepares to take off, she engages in a discussion with Janice about the UEE’s reluctance to utilize artificial intelligence. During their debate, T decides to put it on hold as they approach the Callis system, which appears to be a construction zone with various mining and orbital activities taking place. Suddenly, the beacon 2 comes under attack, with two missiles striking its shields. T attempts to maneuver out of the kill zone but struggles to identify her attackers. As the ship sustains severe damage, Janice warns T to find a space suit as a hull breach becomes imminent.

In a rush, T grabs a suit from her locker, but before she can fully activate it, the ship is ripped in half and she is blown out into space. Fortunately, her suit stabilizes her and she realizes that her attackers are familiar faces, including Nagia. They mockingly reference Conan the Barbarian, but T remains focused on protecting her privacy with NordVPN, in addition to her desire to win ships through Star Citizen giveaways. The video ends with a message of gratitude to the viewers and supporters of the channel.