Star Citizen Tal System - Industrial & Crafting Players Will Want To Be Here!

The Perry Line marks the boundary of a large foreign supply chain operated by the Xi’an. Each of the seven habitable planets in the system are designated for a specific industrial purpose, a distinctly Xi’an approach to geoplanning. This arrangement is unprecedented, as it openly welcomes societies of all stripes, including Humans. UEE diplomatic Envoy Jameson Wallach is credited as the first known Human to visit the Tal system.

Tal 3, the cultural hub of the system, is the easiest planet for human tourists to navigate. The planet is recognized for its unique fashion, diverse natural landscapes, and exquisite cuisine. Many aspiring fashionistas flock to the planet for its plethora of clothing and textiles, often ahead of the trade trends of UEE planets. The planet’s diverse terrains are also a popular tourist destination, though restricted from foreigners without explicit permission and a Xi’an guide.

Tal 4 is renowned for its industrial complexes and refineries and is the least visited habitable planet in the system. The planet possesses a certain degree of danger due to its large antimatter production facilities and its atmosphere containing trace amounts of acid. The planet’s orange-laden buildings make for an interesting scene with the sun’s rays reflecting off the buildings, giving it an energy weapon blast look in the right light. Despite the danger, Tal 5 is gaining popularity for its advanced weapons and arms fabrication plants. Lastly, Tal 7 is a prismatic gas giant in the far reaches of the system with its four colored bands of clouds resembling the colors of the other inhabited planets.