Star Citizen - SQUADRON 42 Features READY For CITIZENCON?!

Star Citizen’s CitizenCon event, which will be streamed for free, is highly anticipated by fans. The completion of various features, including dynamic universe simulation, seated item handling, and server meshing technology, suggests that exciting new features and progress may be showcased at the event.

Star Citizen’s upcoming event, CitizenCon, is eagerly anticipated by fans. The event will be the first physical CitizenCon since 2019 and will be streamed for free on the Star Citizen Twitch channel. While Cloud Imperium Games has been secretive about specific details, the roadmap provides some insights into what might be revealed at the event. Additionally, the completion of various features in August and September suggests that they may be implemented in the future, possibly in the 3.20 or 4.0 patches.

Notably, new teams have been formed for specific features, such as the North American Persistent Universe Gameplay Feature Team and the Vehicle Gameplay Feature Team. These teams are likely working on exciting new features that will be showcased at CitizenCon. However, it’s important to note that even if a feature is marked as complete on the roadmap, it may still require further work before being implemented in the persistent universe.

In August and September, several features are set to be completed, including the virtual AI service, which is crucial for the dynamic universe simulation, and the addition of seated item handling, allowing players and NPCs to use items while seated in vehicles or ships. Reputation shop discounts, physics rope simulation, and physical damage and breakability are also among the completed features.

In September, some key features are scheduled to be completed, including the much-anticipated persistent entity streaming and server meshing technology, which will allow for a scalable shared universe experience. Other features scheduled for completion in September include the Pyro system, quantum simulation, and vehicle tractor beams.

Finally, October is significant as it potentially coincides with CitizenCon, and several Squadron 42-related features are scheduled for completion. There is speculation about the possibility of surprises and reveals during the event, such as artificial gravity, updated map and radar systems, and a reworked MobiGlas system.

Fans are excited about the upcoming CitizenCon and the potential showcase of new features and progress.