Star Citizen Should Really Borrow This Elite Dangerous Feature

The video proposes that Star Citizen could enhance its player engagement by adopting the Community Goals feature from Elite Dangerous where gamers collaboratively construct new facilities in the game. This feature would not only populate the vast game universe but also foster player interaction, encourage the development of various activities, and introduce new, exciting locations, provided the game creators closely involve the gaming community and run a dedicated server system.

The video discusses how to populate a massive game universe like that in Star Citizen and resolves to borrow a feature from Elite Dangerous – the community goals. There exists an issue in such games, where vast areas, such as wild and untamed zones on planets or moons, feel empty and devoid of meaningful activity. In Star Citizen, players have the feature to claim and construct on land, but it is not enough to fill the enormity of these spaces. Introducing occasional bespoke locations would help differentiate one area from another and supplement the gaming experience.

The Community goals in Elite Dangerous, where players come together to construct new facilities in the game, such as planetary outposts or space stations, seems to be an interesting potential feature that Star Citizen could adapt. Attracting friendly or hostile interactions among players, these community goals usually require vast amounts of resources or materials. Through this process, it also initiates potential emerging gameplay. The community goals could also involve these other activities like combat, bounty hunting, or exploration for rare materials.

The adaptation of Community goals into Star Citizen could only work if the gaming community is closely involved. Cloud Imperium Games could select the most interesting ideas proposed by the community and work on them for a patch release. New locations like outposts for trade, racetracks, space stations, or even junkyards could be developed as a result of these goals.

This new method of implementing community goals could be done by creating procedural construction sites, where players deliver goods, to build these locations. A dedicated server system would be necessary for this proposed feature. With the server in place, community goals have two main advantages: the creation of new content and engaging players over an extended period. This would also be a good solution to introduce new content while waiting for new star systems.

The video ends by inviting viewer suggestions for what kind of community goals they would like to be added into the game and encouraging viewers to subscribe to the channel to stand a chance to win rewards. Finally, the host thanks YouTube and Patreon members for their support, expressing his enthusiasm for producing more such content material in the future.