Star Citizen Ship Updates - The Hull C Could Destroy The Economy - HOW MUCH CARGO?!

In this video, there are updates on three Star Citizen ships: the MISC Hull C, the Xi’an Santokyai medium fighter, and the Tumbril Stormlight tank. The MISC Hull C is a massive cargo hauler that will be coming to Alpha 3.20. Although it can’t land or take off with its cargo spindles extended, it can dock with space stations and expand once it leaves. The ship has a large expandable corridor, a well-designed interior, and can carry approximately 9216 SCU of cargo. However, there are concerns that the introduction of such a large cargo ship may disrupt the game’s economy and create imbalances among other ships.

The Xi’an Santokyai fighter is still in development and has not yet been released. It failed a grey box review but is making progress, with work being done on its cockpit dashboard. The ship is focused on anti-grav and gravlev tech, has a unique design, and will also influence the design of other Xi’an ships. The Tumbril Stormlight tank is in the concept phase and may be released later this year. It is smaller, faster, and lightly armed compared to the larger and more powerful Tumbril Nova tank. The Stormlight tank speed is closer to that of the Ursa, and it has good ground clearance for off-road traversal.

The video also mentions the possibility of cargo transfer timers in Alpha 3.20, longer loading and unloading times, potential difficulties in visiting planets while the cargo spindles are extended, and the concern that the Hull C’s vast cargo capacity may unbalance gameplay and economics. The Santokyai fighter and Stormlight tank offer alternative gameplay options, with the former focusing on anti-grav tech and the latter providing a faster and more agile tank option.