Star Citizen PTU Wave Drama - The Good & The Bad - NUKED Thread?!

In a Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss the restructuring of PTU waves, with some players questioning the different access tiers and costs. They also highlight concerns about changes in fire VFX and the deletion of a valuable thread containing Dev responses and information, while expressing excitement for upcoming events and gameplay showcases.

In this Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss several hot topics in the game. They first focus on the restructure of the PTU waves. Clanum Pyram, the developers, explained that they want to focus on getting quality testers for the PTU test servers. This includes giving early access to top active players, subscribers, and high-tier backers. While the idea of focusing on quality testers is good, some players find it strange that concierge backers have to pay $25,000 to get wave one access, while subscribers can get the same access for just $10.

The hosts also talk about the changes in fire VFX and its implications on engineering, damage control, and life support mechanics. They discuss the possibility of environmental hazards like fires causing players to suffocate if not dealt with properly. They question whether players should be given more information on how they died, especially in situations where it might not be immediately apparent.

They then delve into the deletion of a thread discussing changes to the Aries ship. The thread contained Dev responses and information related to Alpha 3.20 updates. It is unclear why the entire thread was deleted, but it leaves players without access to the valuable information and discussions that were taking place.

Finally, the hosts mention the ongoing ship showdown event and the upcoming mission spotlight on salvage mechanics. They express their excitement for the event and their plans to showcase gameplay related to missions and salvage mechanics in future videos.

Overall, they invite viewers to share their thoughts and opinions on the PTU wave restructure, the possible annoyance of environmental hazards, and the deletion of the Aries thread. They also thank their supporters, share a NordVPN sponsorship, and remind viewers about a ship giveaway.