Star Citizen Now Has Over 1100 Employees After Turbulent Acquisition

In big news, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has fully acquired game development company Turbulent. Turbulent initially joined CIG to create the website for Star Citizen but became increasingly involved in other aspects of the game’s development, such as cloud services and server meshing. The acquisition was likely a cost-saving move for CIG, as it is more financially beneficial for them to own Turbulent outright rather than continuing to contract out their services.

This acquisition marks a significant expansion for CIG, as they now have over 1100 employees. Turbulent’s integration into CIG has been ongoing since at least 2020, and they have already been a core part of the development team, working on projects like the Star Map. The acquisition allows CIG to have access to a larger talent pool in Canada and potentially save money in the long run.

While the addition of more employees does not necessarily mean faster development, it does bring additional expertise to the team. Some concerns have been raised about CIG’s growing size and spending, but their ability to attract funding and maintain interest in Star Citizen suggests they are managing their expansion effectively. The acquisition of Turbulent is seen as a strategic move to optimize resources and potentially improve the development process for Star Citizen.

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Star Citizen studio, Cloud Imperium Games, has announced a major acquisition of Montreal-based studio Turbulent. The two companies have been working together for over a decade, with Turbulent already heavily involved in web development and persistent entity streaming for Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium Games has completed the merger, making Turbulent an official part of their studio. While financial details were not disclosed, it is presumed that the acquisition was funded through backer money.

Turbulent has been praised for their innovation and their ability to support the ambitious goals of Star Citizen. They have developed various features and functions for Cloud Imperium Games, including the concierge program, telemetry system, and the Spectrum social network. With over 1,100 employees now, Cloud Imperium Games aims to be one of the largest independent game developers in the world. This acquisition will allow Cloud Imperium Games to further enhance the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, and potentially even sell their technologies to other game developers in the future.

The announcement of the acquisition has been met with excitement and anticipation. Fans of Star Citizen are looking forward to seeing how Turbulent’s expertise and resources will further contribute to the development of the game. The merger also reflects Cloud Imperium Games’ commitment to innovation and staying independent from traditional game development practices. Additionally, the gaming industry as a whole may benefit from the technologies developed by Turbulent, as they could potentially be sold to other developers and publishers.

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