Star Citizen News | Cargo, Derelicts & Careers

Star Citizen News announces free trials for the M50 and 350R ships, the return of the Terrapin and Argo ships, and subscriber access to the Retaliator ship until the end of September. The video also discusses the cargo system, upcoming career opportunities, details about the Ursa rover and Dragonfly spacecraft, the development of derelict ships, updates on the Banu Merchantman and Carrack ships, and upcoming streams and giveaways.

In the Star Citizen News video, it is announced that the M50 and 350R ships are available for free trial until September 9th. The Terrapin and Argo ships are also back on sale, with limited time offers. Subscribers have access to the Retaliator ship until the end of September. The cargo system is discussed as a new feature of the upcoming 3.0 update, allowing players to pick up and transport items for trading and selling. Various career opportunities will be available as a result.

Additionally, details about the Ursa rover and Dragonfly spacecraft are shared. The Ursa rover is designed to fit inside the Constellation ship and can accommodate up to 6 people. The Dragonfly has exposed parts and components, and work is being done to allow for a second passenger to fire weapons from the back. Both vehicles will have the ability to compact themselves for easy storage.

The development of derelict ships is discussed, suggesting that planets may have salvage-based environments in the future. Derelict ships will be discoverable and will vary in appearance depending on factors such as age and interaction with the terrain. More ships will be crashed on planets as planetary tech progresses.

In the Reverse the Verse segment, updates on the Banu Merchantman and Carrack ships are mentioned. The Merchantman is in its second concept phase, while the Carrack is in a similar state of development and will receive additional assets once the Caterpillar ship is completed. The Polaris corvette is also mentioned, with Chris seeking more visuals and interior shots of the ship.

The video concludes with information about upcoming streams by the host and support for other streamers. Viewers are encouraged to like, subscribe, and comment on Star Citizen content for a chance to win a budget PC or an Argo ship, depending on location.