Star Citizen - New Game Modes - Free Fly This Week - Players Angry With CIG Over Dynamic Events

A recent dynamic event in Star Citizen called Xeno Threat caused server problems and frustrated players. The event was not properly communicated, leading to lag and other issues. Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is working on optimizing the game and addressing server problems, but players are still upset with the lack of communication.

In other Star Citizen news, Clan Imperium discussed the successful Master lessons and the upcoming Citizen Con. The Fury variant and a new gameplay mode called “Two Fury Two Furious” were also mentioned for Alpha 3.20. The game will be hosting the Foundation Festival, which aims to help new players get started in the game with tutorials, contests, and a free fly event. Additionally, there has been positive feedback about recent Bar Citizen events held in Asia.

While there is excitement about upcoming events and features, some players are concerned about the frequent dynamic events that strain the servers. However, there is hope that server optimization and the introduction of server meshing will solve these issues. The community is eagerly anticipating future updates and hoping for better communication from Cloud Imperium Games.