Star Citizen Lore History - The Beginning for Humanity

In 2075, Dr. Scott Childress invented the first quantum drive engine, propelling humanity’s exploration of space. However, ethical concerns arose in 2113 regarding terraforming planets, leading to a tragic incident in 2125 during the terraforming of Mars, sparking debates on its risks and benefits.

In 2075, Dr. Scott Childress and his team developed the first self-sustaining quantum drive engine, which allowed for faster space exploration within the solar system. This breakthrough marked the beginning of humanity’s journey into the stars. However, in 2113, concerns were raised about the ethics of terraforming planets. A journalist questioned whether just because humans can alter planets, they should do so, arguing that it is arrogant and dangerous to play with the fundamental fabric of a planet.

In 2120, after years of simulations and tests, the governments of the world collaborated to attempt the first planetary conversion. Mars was chosen as the test subject, and teams were dispatched to map the planet’s surface, determine the placement of atmospheric processors, and test for possible contaminants. This marked the first comprehensive exploration of Mars, with meticulous planning to ensure success.

However, tragedy struck in 2125 during the final stages of terraforming. Due to a chemical miscalculation, the new atmosphere became unstable, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. The incident raised debates about the risks and benefits of terraforming. While the president mentioned the possibility of an international committee to investigate this incident and decide how to move forward, it was acknowledged that the sacrifice of the heroes of Mars should be honored.

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