Star Citizen Live: Theaters of War CitizenCon Followup

“Sean Tracy joins us this week on Star Citizen Live to follow up on his Theaters of War presentation from CitizenCon 2949 and answer your questions live.”

During the “Star Citizen Live” episode, the hosts discussed the progress of the game mode called Theatres of War, which was showcased at CitizenCon. The purpose of Theatres of War is to take all the work done on Arena Commander and Star Marine and combine them into a game mode that focuses on immediate combat. The team wanted to bring something fun to the players that showcased the combat capabilities of Star Citizen. The mode involves infantry, ground vehicles, and ships, and the goal is to make it a concentrated, action-packed experience that players can jump into and provide feedback on.

The hosts discussed the feedback they received after CitizenCon, noting that the main focus was on making the mode fun. They mentioned that they received feedback and ideas from the community, which helped them prioritize certain features and gameplay mechanics. They also mentioned that they are working on improving the responsiveness of combat and addressing issues such as lag and hit registration. The team has made significant improvements in terms of network latency and are continually working to optimize performance.

The hosts also discussed future plans for the mode, such as introducing AI bots for players to fight against and potentially adding destructible environments. They reiterated that Theatres of War is not meant to be a separate code base, but rather an extension of the existing game modes. The goal is to have Theatres of War in the hands of backers for testing in the first half of the year. The team is focused on prioritizing fun and iterating on the mode based on player feedback and the data collected.

Overall, Theatres of War is seen as a valuable testing tool that allows the team to focus on specific combat scenarios and gather feedback from the community. The mode is being developed alongside other game features and will benefit from ongoing development and improvements. The team is committed to making Theatres of War a fun and engaging experience and plans to continue adding features and addressing issues based on player feedback.