Star Citizen Live: Player Wearables

“Lead Character Artist Corey Johnson takes us through the process of creating a helmet from concept to implementation.”

In this episode of Star Citizen Live, host Josh Herman is joined by character artist Cory Johnson to discuss the process of creating player wearables, specifically focusing on a helmet. Cory explains that the design of the helmet begins with a 3D concept provided by a concept artist. He then proceeds to model the helmet in ZBrush, incorporating existing low-poly elements from a previous helmet to speed up the process. The model is then fine-tuned in Maya or TopoGun to prepare it for texturing.

Cory emphasizes the importance of planning the UV layout, as it determines how the textures will be applied to the 3D model. He shows examples of different color-coded sections on the UV map, each representing a different material. Cory explains that these materials are masked using blend maps and geometry to achieve the desired appearance.

Substance Painter is used to texture the helmet, allowing for non-destructive workflow and easy adjustments. Cory demonstrates how he uses different materials and layers to add details like edge wear and speckling. He also explains the process of exporting the textures and compiling them into a blend map, which determines how the different materials are blended on the final model.

The helmet customization includes various color options and material variants. Cory showcases different combinations of colors and materials, explaining how each variant is created and selected based on artistic direction and feedback. He also shows examples of attachments like glass and loom, which can enhance the visual appeal of the helmet.

Overall, the episode provides insight into the meticulous process of creating player wearables in Star Citizen, highlighting the attention to detail and artistry involved. Cory’s expertise in character art shines through as he explains each step of the process and showcases the final result of the player wearable helmet.