Star Citizen Live Gamedev: Mission Maker

"Have you ever wondered how missions are created? Today we’re challenging Elliot Maltby from the Mission Feature Team to create an in-game mission while sharing the process live on stream.


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In the Star Citizen Live stream, Elliot Maltby showcased the Mission Maker tool by creating a subdue and recovery mission within an hour. The stream provided valuable insights into mission creation, highlighting the use of tools, localization systems, and the importance of proper naming conventions and testing procedures.

In the Star Citizen Live stream, the focus was on game development and specifically the Mission Maker tool. Elliot Maltby, a lead designer at Cloud Imperium Games, took the audience through the process of creating a mission from scratch within a timeframe of one hour. Despite some playful banter and joking about Elliot winning the “worst CIG developer” award, the stream was full of valuable insight into mission creation.

Elliot explained that the rough flow for the mission they were building involved a subdue and recovery scenario. The player would have to locate and knock out an AI character, then deliver them to a specific location. Elliot aimed to make the mission more engaging by leveraging scanning gameplay for locating the target and removing hand-holding aspects. He discussed the use of tools like Rose zoom and Robo Hesi to streamline the development process.

The mission development involved creating various strings for titles, descriptions, objectives, and markers. Elliot demonstrated how the strings link to the game’s localization system and allow for dynamic content generation. He set up modules for spawning and managing the ship and AI characters, ensuring that these elements could be interacted with in the game world.

With only a limited amount of time, Elliot showcased the initial steps of mission creation, including setting up objectives, markers, and event triggers. He also touched on the importance of proper naming conventions, avoiding typos, and testing functionality. Throughout the stream, there was a good balance between technical explanations and lighthearted moments.

Overall, the Star Citizen Live stream provided valuable insights into the process of mission creation using the Mission Maker tool. It highlighted the importance of efficient development tools, proper naming conventions, and testing procedures. While the stream focused on specific aspects of game development, it was engaging and informative for both fans of Star Citizen and those interested in game design.