Star Citizen Live: Ask the Devs - Vehicle Gameplay

“You asked. We’re answering! Join us today for a live Q&A show with the Vehicle Gameplay team.”

In the Star Citizen Live video, the hosts Jared Huckabee, Johnny and Richard discuss various topics related to vehicle gameplay in the game. They explain that the vehicle gameplay team has recently shifted their focus to the Persistent Universe (PU) and have made changes to improve vehicle handling in the game.

They answer questions from the community, such as the possibility of having a rotational decoupled mode for vehicles. They mention that they have experimented with it internally but found it difficult to control and not intuitive for players. They may consider implementing it as a malfunction in the future, but for now, they will stick with the current coupled rotation system.

They also address the change in the MobiGlass button from Ping Wave to tab. They explain that it was based on feedback from the Arena Commander team, who wanted the scoreboard to be on the tab button to match other games. They tested different approaches and concluded that it would be best for the scoreboard to be on tab in Arena Commander and have it do nothing in the PU.

The team mentions that they have been working on the Nautilus mine launch system and have tested a few other multicrew ships as well. However, they cannot reveal which ship will be the first to be tested on Master modes as it depends on the ship’s purpose and the game mode being tested.

They discuss the possibility of adding a rotational decoupled mode, better lights on ships, and an unflip mechanism for vehicles. They explain that they are aware of these issues and plan to address them in the game, but it may take time as they need to balance it with other priorities.

The team also talks about the future plans for ground vehicles, including applying aerodynamics to them and allowing for drafting mechanics. They mention that they are looking into making ground vehicles feel more fluid and adding more control options to improve the overall handling.

When it comes to ship balance, they explain that they consider the ship’s purpose, visual design, and overall gameplay experience. They aim to have a unified balance across all ships and move them together in terms of performance. They also consider future updates and features, such as Master modes, to ensure ships will fit well in the game in the long term.

Overall, the team expresses their excitement for the recent changes in Arena Commander and how it provides a focused test environment for ships. They appreciate the community feedback and strive to improve ship performance and balance based on that feedback. They acknowledge that some ships may need further adjustments and are working towards improving the overall gameplay experience.

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