Star Citizen Leir Star System - Sandworms - Off Limits To Visitors

The Leir Star System, discovered by an ICC scanning team in 2677, initially held great potential as a major hub for humanity. However, due to the lack of commitment from Imperator Ileana Mesa VI and the system’s dangerous reputation, it remained largely undeveloped. This changed in 2743 when Gala Messer the ninth authorized the auctioning of a terraforming permit for Leir 2, attracting the attention of eccentric trillionaire Clarence Hatfield and mining Baron Olive Harding. They hired Dr. Marcus Fail, a terraforming expert, to carry out their ambitious plans. However, Dr. Fail eventually declared his control over the planet and formed a separatist community known as The Outsiders. Attempts by Hatfield and Harding to retake the planet failed, leaving the fate of Leir 2 in Dr. Fail’s hands.

Today, the Leir system is neglected, lacking infrastructure and traditional trade routes. Leir 1, while habitable, lacks amenities and infrastructure, making it less favorable for habitation. Leir 2, now known as Maya, is controlled by The Outsiders, with most of the planet off-limits to visitors. The third planet, with its bountiful resources, is plagued by deadly storms and aggressive sand worms, making it inhospitable for permanent settlements.

Despite the challenges, Leir remains a fascinating system. Its unique architecture and stunning mountain ranges make it worthy of exploration, although the lack of commercial activity can be unsettling for some. The system’s history, characterized by failed terraforming efforts, a separatist movement, and ongoing hostility towards outsiders, adds to its intrigue.