Star Citizen July Update - FreeFly Soon - Alpha 3.20 Updates - New Fury LX

In the July update for Star Citizen, a new giveaway is announced for a Drake Vulture, a light Salvage vessel with lifetime insurance. The update also mentions the upcoming Foundation Festival, which focuses on community and player assistance. The festival will include new player guides, a free fly event, referral bonuses, and rewards for those who help with the guide system. The update also reveals new missions, a new cargo hauler called the Haulsi, and a new variant of the Fury ship called the Fury LX.

The update also mentions updates to Arena Commander 1.5, including a new front end and lobby system, multi-crew gameplay, new game modes, and updated race maps. Development information for Alpha 3.20 is expected to be featured in the recent Jump Point magazine, and a Q4 patch is confirmed to be in the works. The update concludes by discussing events, such as Xeno Threat or Jump Town, and the potential return of “Theaters of War” gameplay mode.

Overall, the July update showcases upcoming features and events in Star Citizen, including giveaways, the Foundation Festival, new missions, ship variants, and updates to gameplay modes. The update provides a glimpse into the ongoing development and future updates planned for the game.