Star citizen. is it for you?


Star Citizen is a space simulator game that offers a hands-on experience for players. It is a highly detailed and interactive game that focuses on immersive gameplay. However, it’s important to note that Star Citizen is still in alpha after 11 years of development. Despite being a glorified tech demo, it offers seamless planet exploration and the ability to float in space outside of your ship. The game is geared towards players who enjoy simulators and online multiplayer, but may not satisfy those looking for extensive story-driven content or completed game mechanics.

On the positive side, Star Citizen is a visually stunning game. While it has a gray or green filter, players can enhance the graphics using reshade. The game provides the most immersive space experience with its manual ship handling and seamless travel to various locations. The game’s realistic graphics, interactive elements, and simulation make the $45 starter package worth it, according to the author.

However, there are several negatives to consider. Star Citizen’s optimization is poor, making it challenging to maintain a consistent 60 FPS. Even with a powerful gaming PC, players can expect around 40 to 50 FPS in cities and potentially 80 to 90 FPS in space. The game is also plagued by bugs and semi-regular crashes. Additionally, as an alpha game, it heavily relies on servers and server-related issues, like 30K crashes, may occur. Players need to be aware that they are jumping into an unfinished game and should be prepared to support it for the long run.

Despite the slow progress, which is evident considering the 11 years and $600 million invested in the game, there is consistent progress being made. However, new content and mechanics may take months or even years to be implemented. If players are excited about what they have seen from the game, they may find Star Citizen well worth the price. But those skeptical or unsure about the game can wait for a free fly event to try it out before committing to a purchase. Ultimately, Star Citizen is a beautiful, immersive simulator with bugs and crashes that caters to a specific audience.