Star Citizen - Invisible Players Are Ruining The Game - Are The Devs Listening?

Star Citizen is facing problems with player invisibility, which is disrupting gameplay and causing frustration. The development team is aware of the issue and actively working to fix it, while also seeking feedback from players to improve ship and combat balance.

Star Citizen is facing a major issue with player invisibility, causing frustration and disrupting gameplay during events. The problem has persisted for some time and affects both players and ships. Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is aware of the issue and has been working to address it. CIG has acknowledged that there are multiple invisibility issues and has been gathering data to diagnose and fix them. They are currently investigating if the issue still persists in update 3.20 and are committed to resolving it.

There are debates within the community about the nature of pay-to-win in Star Citizen. CIG sells ships, but these ships can also be earned in-game through skill and time played. The monetization model allows players with different amounts of available playtime to progress at their own pace. However, some argue that inequality exists in the game due to NPCs having better ships, but Star Citizen aims to be a story generator where knowledge, strategy, and choice play a significant role in encounters.

In terms of ship balance and combat balance, CIG actively listens to feedback from the community through their player experience team. They generate recommendations based on written feedback and issue reports, checking whether the feedback aligns with the game’s data. They discuss these recommendations in weekly meetings, considering the priority of addressing various issues. While some ships may need improvements, CIG is also aware that combat gameplay is undergoing significant changes, and they must carefully balance their efforts between solving immediate issues and anticipating future mechanics changes.

The issue of player invisibility and ship balance are ongoing concerns for the Star Citizen community. CIG is actively working to diagnose and address the invisibility issue, and they are seeking feedback and suggestions from players to improve ship and combat balance. The development team acknowledges that fixing these issues can be challenging and requires significant efforts, but they are committed to delivering a better gameplay experience.

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This video by Bored Gamer discusses the issue of invisible players in Star Citizen and questions whether the developers are actively addressing this problem. It also touches on the topics of pay-to-win and communication issues within the game, highlighting the need for better player-developer interaction.

In this video by Bored Gamer, the issue of invisible players in Star Citizen is discussed. It is acknowledged that the developers have been responsive to this issue, but the response seems to have slowed down recently. Invisible players have been causing problems within the game, such as random deaths and ship malfunctions. This issue has been especially evident during the Cloud Imperium jump pound Dynamic event. The video highlights the frustration experienced by players due to the invisibility problem.

The discussion then shifts to the topic of pay-to-win in Star Citizen. The argument is made that while there are advantages to buying ships, skill and playtime are still more important factors in the game. However, the idea of pay-to-win is subjective, with some players feeling that it creates inequality and disadvantages those without as much time or money. The video acknowledges the difficulty in balancing ship and combat mechanics in an alpha game like Star Citizen, but also points out that the feedback loop from players to developers could be improved.

The video ends with a discussion on the communication issues within Star Citizen. It highlights the need for better communication between the development team and the player community, particularly in terms of sharing information and updates on issues like invisibility. The video emphasizes the importance of addressing these problems and finding solutions before the release of server meshing. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to share their thoughts on the discussed topics, while also promoting NordVPN and a ship giveaway.