Star Citizen in 2023 | What You REALLY Need To Know

“After covering Star Citizen most days over the last several years, I wanted to share some of the biggest trends I’ve noticed. Some are obvious, some not so much …”

In this sponsored video, the creator reflects on their four-year experience of covering Star Citizen, a game known for its ambitious development cycle. The incomplete nature of the game engine has hindered the full potential of the features, leading to inconsistency and frustration among players. While the game developers are open about sharing information through weekly shows and updates, sometimes the communication can be misleading, resulting in missed deadlines and features that seem to disappear from the development plan.

The video acknowledges the constant delays and missed deadlines in game development, citing the example of the Banu Merchantman ship that had to be shelved due to developers taking other opportunities. The creator emphasizes that players should expect feature delays and the game not living up to expectations. Despite the slow progress, the video highlights the incredible scope of Star Citizen with planned professions such as cargo hauling, salvaging, engineering, and more. However, these features are often in basic implementation stages, as the game is currently in alpha.

The video discusses the challenges of open development, where players can test and provide feedback on unfinished features. This approach often leads to a lack of completed systems, with some features remaining in legacy form or underdeveloped. The creator also notes that while new mechanics are not frequently introduced, existing mechanics expand in scope, leading to ongoing development requirements. The creator believes that the most painful aspect of following the game is the mismatch between messaging and reality, where the optimism and high expectations can overshadow the tech’s actual functionality.

Ultimately, the video describes Star Citizen as a moonshot project that is unique, difficult to replicate, and overly ambitious. It acknowledges that the game may not be everything players want it to be or what has been promised, but it will undoubtedly offer an interesting experience for space sim enthusiasts. The creator advises players to temper their expectations and play other games if Star Citizen becomes frustrating, emphasizing the importance of personal enjoyment. The video concludes by thanking viewers for their support and offering a secret code for a ship giveaway.

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