Star Citizen - Hull C Cargo Hauler Preview - Immersion - Weather & Rain

This video preview of Star Citizen focuses on the Hull C cargo hauler and the audio updates that enhance the immersion of the game, including the introduction of a new tool called Claudius. The developers discuss the inclusion of rain, the possibility of ship alarms and dash cams, updates regarding upcoming releases and events, and concerns about the impact of the Hull C on the in-game economy.

In this video preview of Star Citizen, the focus is on the Hull C cargo hauler and the audio updates that enhance the immersion of the game. The Hull C is a massive cargo ship with expandable cargo spindles and a unique design. The audio team has introduced a new tool called Claudius, which streamlines the audio production process and allows for more efficient work. One of the features of Claudius is resonance, which adds rumble and sound pressure to actions and objects in the game, creating a more realistic and immersive experience. The tool also integrates with the propagation system, allowing sounds to travel through different areas and be affected by distance and surroundings.

The topic of weather and rain effects is brought up, with players wondering if rain would be included in the game. The developers state that while rain assets exist for Squadron 42, it is not currently a high priority for the persistent universe. They mention that the weather system needs to be more dynamic and include elements like rain clouds and the ability for the environment to get wet and dry over time. However, the developers express their intentions to include rain eventually and emphasize that they care about the little details that contribute to the overall immersion.

The video also touches on the possibility of having ship alarms and dash cams in the game. While dash cams are technically feasible, they would be taxing on the CPU and GPU when rendering a second view, especially from a far distance. However, short-distance dash cams may be possible and could be useful for landing on uneven terrain. The issue of crash to desktop occurrences is also briefly discussed, and it is suggested that deleting old shader and cache folders during updates may help reduce instability issues.

Other updates mentioned include the upcoming Alpha 3.20 release, which is expected to enter the PTU testing phase in the next few weeks. Additionally, the imminent CitizenCon event is mentioned, with speculations that significant Squadron 42 content will be revealed. The video concludes with the host expressing concerns about the potential impact of the Hull C on the in-game economy. Questions are raised about how the ship’s cargo capacity will be balanced, whether it will dominate other ships in earning potential, or if trading on planets will offer higher profits compared to Leo stations.