Star Citizen Hades System - Ancient Alien Civilization

The Hades System in Star Citizen is home to the remnants of an ancient alien civilization that mysteriously destroyed itself. The system’s planets, with their unique challenges and abundant artifacts, attract explorers and researchers eager to uncover the secrets of the Hadian civilization.

The Hades System in Star Citizen is home to an ancient alien civilization that mysteriously destroyed itself. The system, with its F-type main sequence star and several orbiting planets, lacks the conditions necessary to support human life. Hades was initially discovered in 201515 by the Mary Crow, a freighter carrying stolen Fusion drives. The system gained interest when exploration ships conducted a survey and found evidence of an extinct space-faring society.

Despite the widespread devastation in the Hades system, thousands of shattered structures have been identified on its graveyard worlds, with many more believed to exist underground. Xeno archaeologists and tomb raiders are the primary individuals who venture onto the planets to explore and extract artifacts. However, mining operations are discouraged due to the archaeological value of the system, and activist archaeologists and preservation groups vigilantly monitor any potential disturbance.

Each of the planets in the Hades system presents its own challenges. Hades 1 lacks an atmosphere, and it is unclear if it was always this way or if it was a result of the war that destroyed the civilization. Hades 2 has a violent atmosphere with volcanic ash, making environmental suits necessary. Hades 3 matches the previous two planets with its toxic atmosphere, impact craters, and shattered cities. Hades 4 is considered a “half planet” due to its distinct halves, showcasing the horror of a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet.

Scientists have been unable to fully understand the nature of the Hadian civilization, but they have determined some physical dimensions and that their civil war took place roughly 300,000 years ago. The Hadians are believed to be roundish creatures with a bulky central body, multiple thin appendages, and a pair of long arms. Despite ongoing research and numerous theories, the mystery of the Hadian civilization remains unsolved, attracting fresh batches of hopeful researchers each year.

Overall, the Hades System in Star Citizen holds the remnants of an ancient alien civilization that self-destructed. It is a dangerous and intriguing place for explorers, archaeologists, and those seeking to uncover the secrets of the past.