Star Citizen FINALLY Updating a VITAL Feature

"Star Citizen’s Arena Commander mode is getting a massive overhaul that adds new features, a new planet, tons of quality of life improvements, and more

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Star Citizen is an ambitious project that has received a lot of attention over the years. The developers have long neglected to update one of the most important aspects of the game, the Arena Commander module. Arena Commander initially released in 2014 as a simple dogfighting module and could have potentially served as a great testing ground for all spaceship combat. However, this has not been the case over the years, as the module remained outdated and lacked features.

Now, it appears that the Arena Commander team is hard at work, with an extensive overhaul of the mode in the works. The mode will now feature an improved UI, the ability to play with friends and a variety of new game modes. Among these modes is the new Pirate Swarm finale, which pits a fleet of Lightnings and two Javelins against an Idris and multiple support craft. In addition, a new New Horizons Arena has been introduced, set in the atmosphere of a planet, giving players the opportunity to practice for atmo combat, something not yet seen in the game.

Finally, the developers have teased the addition of a Combined Arms mode, allowing for mixed air and ground Vehicles combat, as well as Tyronk Royale mode, Kill Cams and a parachute system. The new Experimental Mode will also provide the developers with a great tool for testing out new features before releasing them to the persistent Universe. The next episode of Inside Star Citizen next week will discuss this Experimental Mode in more detail. It is clear that the team is working hard to make Arena Commander a feature-rich and powerful testing bed that can provide players with a fun and enjoyable game mode, as well as aid the developers in fine-tuning the balance of the game.