Star Citizen - Dynamic events are not that dynamic

“Hello Citizens!
In today’s video we will take a look at the system behind dynamic events and how it will be improved. Enjoy!”

The video discusses dynamic events in Star Citizen and the issues surrounding their frequency and lack of actual dynamic qualities. While events generate player engagement, they are triggered manually by CIG staff and need to be automated in the future through probability volumes in the new Quantum simulation. Currently, events are focused on combat, but CIG needs to create a library of events of various types and sizes.

The video acknowledges that CIG is building the quantum simulation with this in mind, and monitoring tools and ways to control dynamic events have already been demonstrated in a previous video. The first step for CIG is to introduce a variety of new dynamic events before automating them. The video ends by asking for viewer opinions on what kind of dynamic events they would like to see.

Overall, the video highlights the need for more variety and automation in Star Citizen’s dynamic events to make them truly dynamic and engaging.