Star Citizen Devs Break a Promise With New Skill Progression

In a Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss the progress of Squadron 42 and speculate on its prioritization over the persistent Universe development. They also discuss the Ship Showdown contest and express concern over the introduction of skill progression, which goes against the initial promise of no levels or stats in the game.

In this Star Citizen podcast, the hosts discuss a few topics including the progress of Squadron 42, the Ship Showdown contest, and the introduction of skill progression in the game. They explore whether the progress in Squadron 42 indicates that it is moving to the next phase or getting closer to release. They speculate that the work being done on the game may suggest that Cloud Imperium is prioritizing Squadron 42 over the persistent Universe development. However, they acknowledge that the development process is unpredictable and can take a long time.

Next, they talk about the Ship Showdown contest, where players can vote for their favorite ships in a tournament-style competition. They discuss the excitement and salt this generates within the community, and express their personal preferences for certain ships and manufacturers. They talk about the previous year’s winner, the MPUV cargo ship, causing controversy due to its popularity despite not being objectively the best ship in the game.

The hosts then discuss the addition of skill progression in the game, which goes against the initial promise of no levels or stats in Star Citizen. They explain that skill progression will allow players to improve certain stats, such as strength, by repeatedly performing related actions. While they appreciate the flavor it adds to the game and the connection with the characters, they express concerns about potential imbalances between players who invest more time in these skills and those who don’t.

They also touch briefly on the recent updates to the rest stop locations in the game, hoping that internal updates to the bunkers will also be included. Lastly, they mention the game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as a relatively simpler alternative to Star Citizen with similar features, particularly in terms of space combat and ship interactions. They suggest that players who are looking for a less complex experience but with elements similar to Squadron 42 could check it out.

The podcast ends with a call for feedback and suggestions, as well as a mention of a ship giveaway and sponsorship promotion.