Star Citizen Devs Answers Master Modes Questions and More

In a recent interview, Yogi clat, the developer responsible for master modes in Star Citizen, shared details on various upcoming features. The interview discussed improvements to the aiming system, the removal of hover mode, plans for weapon reworks, the introduction of master modes for different ship archetypes, and the excitement surrounding server meshing and future updates.

In a recent interview on the Pipeline Discord channel, Yogi clat, in charge of the upcoming master modes for Star Citizen, provided some interesting details. One notable feature is the ability to turn off aim assist with the new aiming system. This will give players more control over their weapons. Another topic discussed was hover mode, which will not be returning due to its steep learning curve and lack of user interface. However, gravity assist will be available in the future, allowing for easier control while in decoupled mode.

The interview also hinted at upcoming features such as EW Warfare and the possibility of destructible cockpits, similar to Elite Dangerous. Additionally, there are plans for a weapon rework with new gimbals and the implementation of master modes for different ship archetypes. Ship mass will play a more significant role in flight dynamics, impacting how ships feel, especially during planetary surface travel. Turrets will also have access to Precision targeting mode in master modes.

It was clarified that master modes and resource management will be separate entities. VTOL ships will not behave like helicopters, and there will be some differences between VTOL and non-VTOL ships, though not drastic ones. The new quantum mechanics will allow for collisions while in quantum travel, providing more dynamic gameplay possibilities. Master modes will be rolled out to all ships simultaneously, with player feedback helping to refine and improve the system over time.

Lastly, Yogi clat expressed excitement about upcoming features, particularly server meshing, as it will bring significant progress to Star Citizen. He also confirmed that Chris Roberts’ statement about the features shown in presentations being available next year is accurate. Overall, this interview provided several intriguing details about the future of Star Citizen and what players can expect in the coming months.