Star Citizen Development Is ACTUALLY Speeding Up! New Ships & Features April 2023 Monthly Report

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The recent developments in industrial gameplay seem to be indicative of a larger movement across all gameplay in Star Citizen. April’s monthly report shows a lot of work on "

Star Citizen is a game in deep development as of April 2023, with a wide range of features being worked on. AI, ships, characters and more are seeing major changes to the game. Industrial gameplay is about to take off and with that an updated economy is being simulated. AI improvements include the ability to avoid collisions and behaviour modelling, while ship development is focusing on tractor beam installation and RSI link updates. Environment outfits, fighter combat AI and wheeled vehicle physics have also been improved. The Arena Commander team is focusing on new game modes and a polished front end. Eva tier 2 updates are also in progress which will focus on traversal, puzzles and challenges. The economy is seeing changes to ship prices and insurance fees while mission teams have begun work on Salvage, package extraction and data Heist missions. Graphics works includes updated water volumes and volumetric fog and gas clouds. Branding teams are focussed on the main Landing Zone. Research and Development is focussing on temporal render mode for clouds and volumetric look for clouds. The Quantum Economy is beginning to take form and service beacon upgrades will soon come to the game.