Star Citizen: Calling All Devs - Idris and Multicrew

"Learn more about work on Vulkan implementation, the Idris in the Persistent Universe and the next steps in Multicrew gaming.

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In this episode of “Calling All Devs,” the developers of Star Citizen discuss the progress on the Gen 12 Vulcan conversion. The Gen 12 refers to their renderer, which will utilize multiple CPU cores and the Vulkan graphics API. The team has divided the work into six separate areas, including the render pipeline, the Vulkan and DirectX 11 devices, and post effects and scene submission. While progress is being made, it is a complex process that requires significant investment and time.

The next question is about the availability of the Idris, a capital ship, for players in the persistent universe. While the exterior of the ship is mostly complete, the interior is still a work in progress. The team is focusing on Squadron 42, which will determine the final design and functionality of the ship’s interior. Additionally, since the Idris is a multi-crew ship, they want to ensure that the gameplay and roles within the ship are well-defined and engaging. The team is also excited to see how players will interact with and potentially discover new ways to defeat the Idris.

The last question addresses the deeper multi-crew gameplay planned for Star Citizen. The team is working on developing a permission system that allows the captain to assign control of different ship systems to specific players. They also want to make the multi-crew experience feel natural rather than relying on mini-games or quick-time events. The roles of captain, pilot, engineer, and security officers are being considered, with potential for additional roles depending on the ship’s features. The ultimate goal is to provide players with the tools to create their own roles and rules within the game.

Overall, the developers are committed to improving the performance and visuals of Star Citizen through the Gen 12 Vulcan conversion. They acknowledge the complexity of the project but are dedicated to achieving the desired performance and unlocking new features. They are also focused on developing the Idris ship and enhancing the multi-crew gameplay experience, ensuring that players have meaningful roles and interactions within the ship.