Star Citizen Bounty Hunting 2.0 Update - New Gameplay - Coming Soon?

Cloud Imperium, the developers of Star Citizen, have been working on introducing new bounty hunting gameplay into the game. It is expected that there will be updates and additions to the bounty hunting gameplay in upcoming patches, with a larger update possibly coming in Q4 of 2023. As part of these plans, the old Port Olisar station will be replaced with Seraphim Station, a more modern station that can support bounty hunting and cargo gameplay.

Each station will have a security dock, where players can bring captured bounties and receive bounty hunting missions. These security docks will also have landing pads for players to land their ships and complete their bounty hunting tasks. Cloud Imperium is working on creating Security Offices for players to drop off captured bounties, complete with features such as cryopods for storing the bounties, bounty hunting boards, supply and gear shops, and jail cells and detention areas.

In the upcoming bounty hunting gameplay, players will engage in both ship combat and FPS bounties, with the ability to capture bounties alive using non-lethal weapons and tools such as stun batons and handcuffs. Bounty hunting missions will offer rewards based on reputation, and players will have the option to respawn immediately or wait to be rescued if captured. Both PvP and PvE bounty gameplay will be supported, with the possibility of encountering NPC bounty hunters. The ultimate goal of the gameplay loop will be to locate, engage, capture, and deliver bounties to the appropriate Security Offices to receive payment.