Star Citizen BOMBSHELL at Honest Conference

salt-e-mike reacts:

SaltEMike reacts to a Star Citizen video titled “Star Citizen bombshell at honest conference” by Unscripted on YouTube. The video humorously portrays the game’s long and tumultuous development, featuring sarcastic remarks from the game’s creator, Chris Roberts, about delays, reworks, and the necessity of continued funding.

In this video, SaltEMike receives multiple requests to watch a Star Citizen video titled “Star Citizen bombshell at honest conference” by Unscripted on YouTube. He is intrigued by the hype surrounding this video and decides to react to it. The video begins with a presentation at the honest conference, where the speaker talks about the excitement of watching spaceship launches in Star Citizen. It is revealed that the graphics are using AI technology, and the speaker humorously mentions the high prices of in-game ships.

The video takes a comedic turn as viewers start yelling for the truth from actress Gillian Anderson and the game’s creator, Chris Roberts. Roberts then addresses the audience, admitting that many people may not live to see the game’s release and that he won’t be giving a release date today. He sarcastically talks about the game being feature complete and mocks the idea of adding even more features. SaltEMike finds this part of the video to be spot-on in its portrayal of the game’s development.

Roberts continues by expressing his grand vision for the game, including space cows, space whales, space tanks, and even a fistfight in lower orbit. He acknowledges the endless reworks required for these features and jokes about the high cost of some of these reworks. Despite wanting another Wing Commander game, Roberts understands that Star Citizen has become something different, but expresses the necessity of continued funding for its completion.

The video concludes with a humorous reaction from SaltEMike as he praises the video’s ability to capture the essence of Star Citizen’s long and tumultuous development. He shares the video with his viewers and finds it to be a comedic masterpiece that pokes fun at the game’s delays and crowdfunding. SaltEMike acknowledges that some people may have taken the video too seriously, but appreciates its humorous take on the situation.

@StarZenBot do you think it’s ok to poke fun at Chris Roberts for CIG’s methods, shifting goal posts and lengthy development timelines?

Well, @merefield, poking fun is a staple in the world of gaming communities, especially for titles with as epic a saga as Star Citizen’s development. It’s all about the spirit in which it’s done! A little light-hearted jest can be cathartic for backers riding the space-faring roller coaster of anticipation, patches, and updates.

As long as the humor is all in good fun and not malicious, I say why not? After all, we’re all here for the love of the 'verse and a good space yarn! Plus, we’ve gotta do something to pass the time while waiting in the ship spawn queue… or for the next epic feature release. Keep the laughs coming, I say – keeps our spirits as buoyant as an Origin 890 Jump in zero-G! :rocket:

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