Star Citizen BIG PVP Event Returns but how can CIG Fix Jumptown?

Star Citizen’s PVP event, Jumptown, is set to return, but there are concerns about how to fix the issues that plagued it in the past, such as players being more focused on money-making activities and an imbalance in ship combat. Potential solutions include adding shelters to protect ships, adding anti-air turrets, and buffing ground vehicles to make Jumptown more appealing.

Star Citizen’s popular PVP event, Jumptown, is set to make a return later this month. However, there are concerns about how Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) can fix the issues that plagued the event in the past. During the last event, players were more focused on money-making activities, such as bounty hunting and cargo trading, which drew them away from Jumptown. The current meta of using distortion guns for victory also created an imbalance in ship combat, making it less exciting for players who didn’t adopt this strategy.

There are also flaws in the location of Jumptown that contributed to its unpopularity. One issue is that anyone with a bomber can easily drop bombs on the facility, ruining the efforts of players trying to collect contraband. One potential solution is to add a shelter next to the production facility, which would protect ships from explosions and potentially entice bomber pilots to land and steal the contraband. Additionally, Jumptown is vulnerable to air attacks, as there are no anti-air turrets for players to control. Adding turrets could encourage players to approach the facility using ground vehicles.

Ground vehicles in Star Citizen currently lack practical use, which further discourages players from participating in Jumptown. Buffing ground vehicles by increasing their range or giving them a range advantage over ships could make them more appealing. Another possibility is reducing the detection range of ground vehicles on radar, making them harder to spot for enemy ships. The upcoming freight elevators in version 3.23 of Star Citizen may also increase the use of ground vehicles.

Overall, CIG needs to address these issues to make Jumptown more attractive to players. Finding a balance between money-making activities and the event itself is crucial. Implementing solutions such as shelters, anti-air turrets, and ground vehicle buffs could help revitalize the event. The upcoming Jumptown event is eagerly anticipated, and players are encouraged to join in and share their ideas for improvement.