Star Citizen: Around the Verse 3.2 - UK

“This week, join our Manchester studio as we check in with the Studio Update, take a look at the flight-ready Argo, and go Behind the Scenes with… well, you should just watch to find out…”

In this episode of Around the Verse, the focus is on the progress made by the Star Citizen development team in the UK. The team discusses improvements to the landing system, making it more intuitive and adding a new UI design. They also showcase the Argo multiperson utility vehicle, a support craft for capital ships that can pick up survivors, transport cargo, and even perform repairs. The team also delves into the development of the FPS cover system, making it more fluid and natural. In addition, they give insight into the R&D work on creating the catastrophic damage of capital ships visually and audibly. Finally, they announce upcoming events like Gamescom and the Flash sale on the Sabre ship.

The UK team has been making progress on several fronts. The landing system has been improved to be more intuitive, with the addition of a new UI design. The Argo utility vehicle has been created to support capital ships, enabling them to transport cargo, pick up survivors, and perform repairs. The FPS cover system has also been enhanced to feel more natural and fluid. The team has also been working on the visual and audio effects for the catastrophic damage of capital ships, aiming for a realistic and immersive experience.

Events like Gamescom and the Flash sale on the Sabre ship are announced. Gamescom will have a livestream featuring Chris Roberts, giving fans an opportunity to interact with the team. The MVP of the week is Lord Bayne, who created SCLoreCast, a podcast that brings Star Citizen lore to life with music, sound effects, and voice acting. Finally, the episode concludes with a reminder of the importance of subscribers and backers in making Star Citizen and Squadron 42 possible.