Star Citizen AMA | Let's Chat About Alpha 3.4, 2018, 2019 & Holiday Special Stuff

In a livestream, Board Gamer discussed the updates in Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.4 version, the potential of features being pushed to version 3.5 or 3.6, and spoke about the game’s economy and the reworking of the Redeemer Gunship. He addressed viewers’ concerns about people exploiting the game, trivialized concerns about CIG’s sale of shares, refuted allegations about not conducting giveaways, and reiterated his commitment to provide informative and honest content.

The livestream begins with Board Gamer discussing his outfit, explaining that it is for a Victorian steampunk military-themed party he is attending on New Year’s Eve. He talks about possibly integrating the outfit into future Star Citizen skits using the voice-over-IP function. He mentions hiring someone to help him keep up with the intense workload he’s facing, especially given the volume of content expected to be released for Star Citizen in the coming weeks.

Board Gamer discusses the accessibility of missions in Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.4 version and his hope that all the quality of life updates will be implemented for a polished 3.4 branch. He explains that the 3.4 version is a continuation of the 3.3 update, with many of the juicier content pushed to 3.5 version which he eagerly anticipates, particularly the new flight model. Board Gamer notes though that some features may get pushed back to version 3.6.

Viewers ask a variety of questions ranging from whether Star Citizen will go public, to the timelines for integrating certain features such as lifetime insurance. Board Gamer mentions that when Squadron 42 is released, it could make about 100 million dollars in its first few months. He also touched on Star Citizen’s economy which is expected to be partially player-driven.

Board Gamer responds to his viewers’ concerns about people exploiting Star Citizen for their own gain, noting that his primary interest is in the development of a fun, engaging game. He adds that any concerns about CIG’s sale of shares are trivial compared to the larger goals of the game. Discussing ships, Board Gamer says the Redeemer Gunship will be reworked but the details are unknown.

Board Gamer wraps up the livestream by responding to a viewer who accused him of not following through on giveaways. The host refutes these allegations, suggesting the viewer check the threads where he often announces the winners of his giveaways. He ends by reiterating that his hope is to provide informative and honest content to his subscribers.