Star Citizen AMA | How Playable is Alpha 3.7.0 Going to be?

The video of the Star Citizen AMA mainly discusses expectations for the upcoming Alpha 3.7.0 patch, including new features like ‘harvestables’, ‘mining’, and ship improvements, as well as speculations for future updates involving real estate and player-driven political entities. The speaker emphasizes the importance of community feedback for the game’s continuous evolution and hints at future consistent gaming events.

In this video, the speaker primarily discusses different topics around the upcoming Alpha 3.7.0 patch of the game Star Citizen. The speaker is conversing with the community about what new features to expect in the patch, touching on points such as the new ‘harvestables’ mechanics, mental health, and their expectation for it to be the most playable Star Citizen patch. They discuss feature updates like enhancements to mining, AI improvements, better modularity and ship specializing. There are some mentions of broader gameplay features like quantum enforcement ships, data mining mechanics and ship showdowns.

Diving deeper into gameplay mechanics, the speaker expresses excitement about new gameplay loops like ‘harvestables’ and ‘mining’. They hope for a significant change in Star Citizen’s playability with patch Alpha 3.7.0. One major expectation is for the new ‘however mode’ to dramatically alter the dynamic of the in-game universe. Furthermore, the speaker touches on the controversy surrounding ‘griefing’ and ‘PvP’ gameplay dynamics, emphasizing that they are not inherently the same and that the game should not exclude ‘PvP’.

On the topic of ships, the speaker believes that the ‘Bundy Defender’, which is described as a beautiful alien ship, could potentially usher in the gold standard for all future ships within the game. They also touch on the prospect of a new RSI Mantis ship being available for players to purchase, and speculate that new systems and planets will be revealed in the upcoming Star Citizen event, CitizenCon. They discuss their belief that the Carrack ship will come with the Pisces and the Rovers.

There are several speculations about Star Citizen’s future updates and features in this conversation. The speaker expresses the hope that there could be an upgrade in walking and using the Mobiglas simultaneously, body dragging, AI crew, and ‘modularity versus specialization’ in ships, among others. They also foresee the implementation of real estate investing as a career in the game to allow players to possibly buy properties like habs, modules, land, or even outposts.

Lastly, they talk about the community’s role in shaping Star Citizen. The speaker encourages feedback and discussions from users, asserting that the game is very amenable to the needs of its players. They also indicate that Star Citizen could allow more player-driven political entities in the future. The conversation concludes with hints at a future consistent gaming event with a particular organization, as well as an invitation for viewers to join them on Discord.