Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Update - FreeFly Begins - Starfield Incoming

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 has been updated, with new features and bug fixes, including a free fly event allowing players to try out different ships for free. The channel also mentions the drama surrounding the game, upcoming events, and the release of Starfield, another highly anticipated game.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 has been updated to Wave 2 PTU, with mining and ship stat updates, as well as new Arena Commander content. A new 3.20 PT patch was released, fixing bugs and performance issues. Some experimental modes were disabled to focus on others, and missing elements were added to master modes for a more rounded combat experience. The ship Showdown has reached the Elite Eight, with eight ships competing for the top spot. A free fly event is happening, allowing players to try out these ships for free.

The digital goodies pack for CitizenCon 2953 is now available, featuring exclusive items. The pack is priced at $35, which some may find expensive. The Star Citizen community has experienced drama recently, with various videos discussing issues such as layoffs and controversies. The channel aims to be a comprehensive source of news and updates, covering both positive and negative aspects of the game.

Starfield, another highly anticipated game, is set to release on September 1st for early access and September 6th for wider release. The game is expected to fall between the hype and expectations of Fallout 76 and reality, with smaller planets and emphasis on gameplay mechanics. The channel will likely cover Starfield to some extent, providing an honest review based on gameplay experience. The channel also mentioned the ongoing ship Showdown and upcoming events in Star Citizen.

The channel appeals for audience interaction, asking for opinions on Starfield, ship Showdown, coverage preferences, and the current PTU version. The channel also provides information on the Tobii eye tracker 5, which is on sale until September 8th and is natively supported in Star Citizen. It helps with head and eye tracking, enhancing immersion and control. The channel encourages viewers to participate in the monthly ship giveaway and shows gratitude to those who support the channel through membership or Patreon.

Overall, the update discusses the latest developments in Star Citizen, including the 3.20 update, ship Showdown, drama surrounding the game, Starfield’s upcoming release, and audience engagement opportunities.