Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Roadmap Update - New Features, Delays & Maybes

The roadmap for Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 has been updated, revealing new features and potential delays. One of the major additions is Seraphim Station, a fully operational station above Orison that will house multiple shops, cargo services, refueling, and more. It will replace Port Olisar to provide improved features for cargo and bounty hunting gameplay. Additionally, three new Crusader platforms will be added, along with new game modes for rapid iteration and testing. Experimental modes will include single weapon elimination, gun rush, tank battle, and infinite Vanduul swarm waves.

Other updates include the addition of missions like Savage contracts and retrieval consignments, as well as the introduction of the MISC Hull C, a large cargo hauler. Improvements to vehicle handling and ground vehicle gameplay are also being implemented. The roadmap suggests the possibility of new ships and vehicles, such as the Vulture, being available in-game. There are also mentions of potential features like ship scale tractor beams, improved graphics optimizations, and better VoIP.

While the final review is still pending for certain features, it is expected that Alpha 3.20 will bring a significant amount of content and gameplay improvements to Star Citizen’s persistent universe. However, concerns about stability, optimization, and accessibility remain, with hopes that these issues will be addressed to ensure a smoother gaming experience.