Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 - MASSIVE OVERHAUL For Arena Commander - FINALLY ADDS MULTICREW!?

Alpha 3.20 will bring a range of major updates to Arcade game modes of Arena Commander, including a long-term persistence update (LTP) with Star Citizen for 3.19.1. This update should enable more testing for ongoing game development, and provide an effortless experience for players wanting to jump in and play. The UI has been significantly cleaned up, and a new Lobby system has been added.

Multi-crew is finally available for Arena Commander game modes, including Pirate and Vandal swarms, Free Fly and Squadron battles. New racing maps have been introduced on the planet of Greely, with 4 tracks to choose from. Additionally, there are some new Dog Fighting maps, one of which is even atmospheric. A new 10th Wave Final Boss has been added to Pirate Swarm.

There are also some other updates coming, such as a new 1v1 duel mode, a deathcam and recap UI, better widescreen support, experimental game modes, and a new Spectrum badge reward for completing Pirate Swarm. CIG has also offered some advice on how players can ensure their items are saved in the long-term persistence update of 3.19.1. A ship and lifetime insurance giveaway is also running for June .'.