Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Has A Huge Amount Of Mission Updates!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 brings a significant amount of mission updates and quality of life improvements, including changes to various missions, improved gameplay mechanics, and nostalgic farewell to Port Olisar. The Drake Corsair is the winner of the Ship Showdown event, and players have the chance to fly it for free until the end of September.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 is set to bring a plethora of mission updates and new features to the game. The patch includes various minor updates that have a significant impact on gameplay. Mission improvements include changes to the Destroy Stash mission, with the introduction of pallets instead of individual boxes, resulting in improved performance and reliability. Cargo manifests for missions like bounty assassination and salvage have been fixed and will now work as intended.

In addition to mission updates, there have also been several quality of life improvements. The Hack Prevention Counter Mission can now be accepted by multiple players, allowing for more cooperative gameplay. The issue of players not being able to store food and drink items while inspecting them or when placed on the ground has been resolved. Ledge grabbing has been made more responsive and effective, allowing players to reach previously inaccessible ship entrances.

Several changes have been made to improve ground vehicle physics, giving vehicles a more weighty and realistic feel. Port Olisar, an iconic space station, will be decommissioned as the game introduces Seraphim Station. Players are encouraged to visit Port Olisar before its closure and share their fond memories. As a tribute, players who visit will receive a Farewell Port Olisar Spectrum badge.

The Ship Showdown event has concluded, with the Drake Corsair being crowned the winner. Backers will have the opportunity to fly this ship for free until the end of September. The top four ships from the event will receive Best in Show paints and themed posters, which will be available during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo in November.

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